The Cash Clams is an online slot machine made on the classical model Bar slot. The Cash Clams is in fact equipped with 3 rollers only, and a single payline. Like all slots for legitimate online casino AAMS, also the Cash Clams game offers a safe and high quality, With higher payout percentages than the live slots, ensuring greater chances of winning and more fun.

To play the slot machine Cash Clams, select the amount of money, and the number of coins bet for each spin of the wheels. You can bet 1 or 2 coins per spin, and while the 1 bet money you can put in your pocket as a maximum payout 2,000 coins, doubling your bet and wagering then 2 coins, the maximum premium increases of 150%, in fact if you get the highest combination you up a win of 5,000 coins .

The Cash Clams slot machine symbol...

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