iBolide is for use on the iPoker network, it is a programme that simply and efficiently changes the image files in the software to enhance your playing experience.  William Hill Poker are some of the larger skins on the network, most of the sites previously on the Tribeca network are now also with iPoker. For a full list of iPoker skins see collect your free slot bonus.

Many players on iPoker sites complain that the cards are difficult to read and that the backgrounds are ugly. iBolide has different types of cards to choose from, all of which are much clearer than those currently used. There are also alternative themes that you can set as backgrounds, to give the tables a whole new look. You can change cards and themes as you wish to create the look that suits you best. You can even use your own image files if you want.

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You can trial the iBolide programme for free, simply download the programme and you see exactly what you get for your money. The trial version allows you to see exactly how the programme works and how it can improve your playing experience.

Simple To Use:

iBolide 2 Screenshot

iBolide automatically searches your hard drive for all iPoker clients. You then select the client you wish to modify and choose the themes and cards that you wish to swap. iBolide creates backup files so that you can restore the original images with a mouse click if you want. You can mix and match themes and cards as much as you want, but there is no need to run iBolide every time you log on, the last image files that you used will be saved automatically. It is even possible to use your own image files if you have them.